December 19th, 2012


fic: we prepare our homes for darkness || for amanuensis1

This gift is for: amanuensis1
From: alwaysenduphere

Title: we prepare our homes for darkness
Rating: R
Warnings: non-linear timeline. second person pov (tony’s). overuse of zombies. multiple character deaths. There are no happy endings here, folks.
Characters/pairings: Tony/Clint; ensemble cast
Summary: You’ve all been in tricky situations before, though, doomsday scenarios and no-win situations with no way out. That's what The Avengers are for, isn't it? Things look grim, so hey, call The Avengers, and they'll fix everything right up? Alternatively: The Avengers, at the end of all things, from the eyes of one guy in a metal suit.
Notes: ~2300 words. The prompt I chose is at the end of the fic. This took a bit of a turn from the prompt, but I hope it still satisfies in some way. :)

Link: LJ || AO3
Avengers: Tony Jaw

Fic for xsnarkasaurus - "New City, New Friends"

This gift is for: xsnarkasaurus
From: babykid528
Title: New City, New Friends
Characters/pairings: Darcy/Tony, Thor/Jane
Length: 2,714
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Flirting, References to Spanking
A/N: SO sorry it's a few hours late! I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Jane and Darcy are making the move to NYC. Thor, it turns out, isn't the only Avenger excited by this turn of events.

Link or post fic: At AO3
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Florges [pokémon]

Fic and Fanmix for jemzamia: All At Once

Gift for: jemzamia
From: floette

Title: All At Once
Characters/Pairings: Tony/Bruce, Pepper, Clint.
Rating: PG-13 (Mild language and discussion of sexual activity)
Warnings: None.
Beta: [Bad username: bay115]
Summary: Tony screwed up badly, and only then discovers that maybe he just needed to open his eyes to see exactly what he needed was already there.
Notes: When I was really thinking and mapping this out, I saw this going a wholly different direction than it did, but I love toying with making Tony vulnerable and insecure, so this is the result. Happy Holidays, jemzamia, I hope you enjoy!

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Fanmix: All At Once (EP)
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Fic for smaragdbird: The Night Phil Coulson Played Hooky

This gift is for:smaragdbird
From: chibifukurou
Title:  The Night Phil Coulson Played Hooky
Rating:  PG-13
Warnings: Clint has a bit of a potty mouth
Characters/pairings: Clint Barton, Background Phil Coulson/Tony Stark
Author's Note: A huge thank you to celeste9 for betaing on really short notice.
Summary: He crowed, "Coulson is totally playing hooky!"

He could hear Natasha's sigh buzz over the phone. "Just because he didn't notice you take your bike out doesn't mean he's playing hooky, Clint. It means that he's assuming that you were actually listening to his last lecture on living in the ventilation ducts.”

Link or post fic: The Night Phil Coulson Played Hooky

fic for jarvisaur: a feast worthy of the gods

This gift is for: jarvisaur
From: estelendur
Title: A Feast Worthy of the Gods
Rating: PG i guess
Warnings: None
Characters/pairings: Natasha/Pepper, Thor/Jane, past Thor/Warriors Three/Sif mentioned in passing; also includes Steve, Tony, Clint, Bruce, and Loki briefly
Summary: Upon discovering that Tony has "upgraded" the kitchen appliances, Thor seeks Pepper and Natasha's help in cooking a birthday feast for Jane.

Link or post fic: On AO3
red hood

For everythingshiny

<b>Gift for:</b>
everythingshiny<b>From:</b> wake_the_dragon

<b>Title:</b> Christmas Bells are Ringing
<b>Characters/Pairings:</b> Tony, Steve, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Thor, Pepper, Jane (mentioned), Darcy (mentioned)
<b>Rating:</b> PG-13
<b>Warnings:</b> None.
<b>Summary:</b> Tony decides to host a Secret Santa for the team. What could possibly go wrong?


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Marvel: Terry - girl on fire

Fic for morelindo - "Exposure"

This gift is for: morelindo
From: singalellaby
Title: Exposure.
Rating: T
Warnings: Clint cussin'.
Word count: ~9,600
Characters/pairings: Clint Barton/Steve Rogers
Summary: But that's what he does, Clint Barton, he watches. And he waits. And he usually does so with either a bow or a camera in his hand.
Notes: Happy holidays! This fic runneth over with tautological abuse and twisting movie lines into meanings I'm sure the writers won't appreciate. It was good fun to write though, so I hope you enjoy it!

Link: Ao3
Cap with book

Fic for thepsychicclam

This gift is for: thepsychicclam
From: bluejbird
Title: How late they start to shine
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, death of bad guys, internalised homophobia, sex scenes
Characters/pairings: Steve/Thor
Summary: Steve’s spent too long hiding his sexuality to expect anything good to happen when Thor finds out. But instead of being ridiculed, he gains a friend...and maybe more.

Link or post fic: Here!