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Captain Fucking Magic
23 December 2012 @ 12:26 am
 <b>This gift is for:</b> estelendur
<b>From:</b> errantcomment
<b>Title:</b> Last Christmas
<b>Rating:</b> PG
<b>Warnings:</b> None
<b>Characters/pairings:</b> Bruce, Tony.
<b>Summary:</b> Tony's a bit of a collector, and likes to have the full set.  It just might be easier if some of the pieces knew they were being collected.
<b>Link or post fic:</b>

When Bruce started living at Stark Tower...Collapse )
This gift is for: Celeste9
From: Coindu
Title: Five Times the Avengers Had to Fake Like They Were Dating
Rating: PG-to-PG-13, I think
Warnings: Some mild swearing
Characters/pairings: (Sort of) Natasha/Bruce, Darcy/Steve, Jane/Clint, Tony/Thor, Natasha/Clint
Summary: Pretty much what it says on the tin

Link or post fic: http://coindu.livejournal.com/11890.html

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23 December 2012 @ 10:58 am
Title: Fate up against your will

Fandom: Avengers

Characters: Natasha, Loki, Clint, Coulson

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: death of family members

Summary: Loki keeps falling into her life

A/N:Written for singalellaby for the avengers_xchng. I didn't use any of the official prompts but instead what you suggested under pairings "him 'falling' through time at various points in her life" although this turned out to be gen.
Also I'm a movieverse fan so I picked all info about Natasha's past from wikipedia.
Hope you'll like it anyway :)

Read it here